Field care service

The Way of Hope has been providing outreach care services since 2003 in accordance with applicable legislation as a registered non-public social service provider to citizens throughout the city Košice and Košice – surroundings, regardless of religion .

Operating hours

Monday to Friday from 8:00 to 16:00 or as agreed

Scope of actions

I. Self-service actions

  • Hygiene (personal hygiene, total bath)
  • Eating and drinking
  • Bladder and colon emptying
  • Dressing, undressing
  • mobility, motor skills
  • adherence to treatment regimen

II. Care of your household

  • buying food and other small consumer goods
  • preparing food, cooking, heating food
  • home delivery
  • washing dishes </ li >
  • routine household cleaning
  • operation of common household appliances
  • laundry care (washing, ironing), bed
  • taking small waste into the rubbish bin containers
  • delivery of coal/wood/water, removal of ash, heating in radiators and their cleaning
  • other simple tasks associated with the operation and maintenance of the household

III. Basic social activities

  • escort for medical examination, clerical clearance, etc.
  • reading for a natural person who is blind or practically blind
  • interpretation for a natural person who is deaf, has severe bilateral hearing loss or is deafblind

IV. Supervision in self-service tasks, self-care tasks household and in carrying out basic social activities – in specified time

Price list

Height The payment is calculated according to the total amount provided hours of service per month and depends on the amount of income of the client including the income of all persons living with the client in the same household.

Basic Terms of Cooperation

Ours mutual relations are legally governed by Act no. 448/2008 Coll. On social services and contract on the provision of social services. Following it, for you, resp. for your family member (client), available an experienced babysitter who is working with our organization and in the performance of its work, follow the instructions of the leader babysitting service .

The scope of work of the caregiver is set out in Art. II. point 1 of the concluded contract. This provision represents the individual nursing service actions that the nurse is obliged to perform. Other actions are not the subject of our agreement.

Babysitter is bound by an employment contract during the performance of his work, or agreement on the performance of work and our internal Guidelines no. 1/2011 and 1/2016. The time of performance of the agreed services is her working time. When performing work, the Babysitter is subject to the Labor Code and all regulations on safety and health at work. The babysitter keeps records of the performance of her work – working Journal and Monthly Report which submits after the end of the calendar month to the leader nursing service.

Instructions concerning changes in working conditions, working time, etc. is entitled to give only by the head of the care service. The client or his family member is not entitled to give instructions from the babysitter to leave the client’s apartment (workplace), or instructing to take leave. In this case, it is necessary resolve the situation immediately with the head of the care service.

Any comments on the work of the caregiver or the emergence of a conflict situation the head of the care service must be notified as soon as possible. We would also like to ask you for an immediate report any changes concerning the recipient of the social service, his state of health (eg entry to a residential facility, hospitalization as well as possible death).

Except professional performance of the service we guarantee decent behavior babysitters, confidentiality and protection of personal data data of the client and his family during and after the termination provision of the service.

If interested

Pred by providing social services, the citizen is obliged to ask the municipality (according to place of residence) for assessment reliance on outreach , you can already specify a specific one in the application the provider with which you want to provide the service cooperate.

If it is a citizen with permanent residence in the city of Košice, forms You can pick it up at the Košice City Hall, Tr. SNP 48/A or download at (Social section). In the event that the said link ceases to work, try to find the information on the page (Citizen – Forms and Forms section).

After issuing a decision to rely on outreach care , or if you have additional questions about providing outreach, contact your caregiver or statutory representative at contacts.

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