Who are we?

Annual reports

Zborová diakonia cirkevného zboru ECAV Košice „CESTA NÁDEJE” (ZbD) secures and provides in the spirit of Christian love for neighbor’s spiritual, mental and physical service and material help  those who need this service and assistance, especially lonely, old, long-term sick or otherwise disabled people. The scope of the organization is throughout the city of Košice.

Riadiaci výbor

head of the congregational diakoniaMUDr. Zuzana Katreniaková, PhD.
spiritual of CZ ECAV KošiceMgr. Samuel Linkesch
member of the presbytery CZ ECAVIng. Bohumil Mazák
member of the presbytery CZ ECAVAnna Ruszová
member of ZbDJUDr. Daniela Hládeková

Financial support

To financially support the Path of Hope service, you can do so in your bank account:
SK60 7500 0000 0040 0814 6248

Basic information in printed form (PDF, slovak)